Broo Doo, a beer that I’ve passed over the last couple years. Maybe it was due to the flamboyant/tripping label art which included a troll (with hops for hair), a rainbow, a princess, and a unicorn. Whatever my reason, I have definitely been missing out.

When dispensed, this smooth, clear, brew ends up on the lighter sided of the Lovibond spectrum. In classic 3 Floyds style it is ripe with hoppy goodness from the moment of breaking the seal. At 7.0% abv, it clocks in two percentage points below that of Arctic Panzer Wolf and only 20 IBUs less than Apocalypse Cow.

Holding the glass up to my nose you get the typical big citrus blast common in most of their brews. While it was very fresh I was looking for that mellow wet hop quality, but instead found a spicy and piney component. I’m not sure what varieties of hops were used (wet or dry) and when they were added. One thing is for sure this is more aggressive in its approach. Generic citrus notes were present and I was able to locate that peach aroma I’ve found true in a majority of fresh/wet hop brews.

The taste was dank, floral and spicy on the hops side of things. Normally, 3 Floyds IPA end with a great dry finish that I appreciate, but this one had a juicy hops character which I’m confident I can attribute to the wet hops used. I will say that even though this beer is delicious in its own right, it is too close in flavor and aroma to the above mentioned brews. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good IPA, however when compared against other wet hop brews I found this one to be a little too bitter (limiting my exploration of base flavors of the hops used).

If you are a huge fan of this beer I’d be interested to hear how you think it compares to Dreadnaught, Arctic Panzer Wolf, and Apocalypse Cow. I was hoping for something a little different and found too many similarities.

ABV: 7.0%

Grade: B-