For the longest time I have avoided Hefeweizen. Years ago I ordered Hacker-Pschorr every now and then, but when I got into craft beer for real, the heavy and unfiltered banana & clove was just too much for me. It was too thick, sweet and musty of a style for me. I had more important things on my mind, like hops. This trend has continued for almost 2 years, until now.

A friend convinced me to try New Glarus’ Dancing Man Wheat a month or so ago. I was curious about it because I’d tried their Crack’d Wheat Hefe and didn’t remember being that happy about it. What was different about this one? Then I opened it, poured it, and drank it down. In like five minutes. Now I can at least say that I like “a” Hefeweizen!

Dancing Man is a big Hefe at 7.2% … and it’s a little darker. Looks more like a Weizenbock actually. It pours that dark golden hue into my Weizen glass, with a nice big fluffy white head that’s bursting with banana/clove and lemon. Served really cold, it looks and smells like it should.

I’ve read some reviews that praise Dancing Man as a great beer to drink in winter … I wouldn’t know about that. I think it’s an awesome beer to drink on a hot day. It’s not super yeasty and doesn’t sit too heavily on the palate. Banana/clove is very balanced and not overpowering. There is a definitely malt presence that shores up the taste quite well, and that lemony kick to add to the freshness of the overall taste. Served ice cold, this is a really refreshing beer. Fruity, not overly sweet, crisp … this is a Hefeweizen I will be drinking a lot more of. And it’s given me a new taste for the style.

Next I’m going to have to drink some Weihenstephaner.