I enjoyed this brew at 6 am. That’s right, I work in a hospital which requires some odd shifts. Today, my 6am is your 6pm and I’m thirsty…

I don’t know what it is, but Minnesotans are obsessed with Michelob Golden Light/Ultra. Minnesota summers are littered with this stuff.

One example, my brother was at a concert this past summer and the hoards of people made it difficult to get a brew. As he stood there with his double-fisted mich goldens, an intoxicated man from Mn approached my brother and offered him thirty bucks for those two watered-down gems! Then, the same dude started to explain to my bro how tantalizing mich golden light was to his palate and explained that he would do just about anything to get his hands on some…yikes. He must have been a cool guy–no, big thumbs down. I will say this, mich golden light is a good beer, especially if your out to have a good time during the hot summer months, sporting events, etc. I’ll spend thirty bucks on these brews in a heart beat, but you can bet your ass I will get a thirty pack in return.

At first pour, this brew pours golden clear with a 1 finger white head and good carbonation. It smells malty and grassy with hints of the local tavern in your area. It tastes much of the same with simple pleasant malts and barley. The mouthfeel is light and watery that goes down smooth all night long. Dump this brew in a frosted mug and your sure to enjoy. I am not a beer snob, I do enjoy these domestics far to often…in saying this I provided 2 grades below.

ABV: 4.1%

Grade 1: C- (for beer quality and creativity)

Grade 2: A (good taste during good times)