The Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region is rich with history of mining, drinking, Kevin McHale and Bob Dylan. At one time all were doing well. Today McHale lives in the Twin Cities and out of the public eye, Bob Dylan left long ago and trying to make a comeback, mining is experiencing a renaissance and drinking is stronger than ever. “The Range” claims to be have the largest deposit of iron ore in the U.S. It poured out of this area until the 1970s and the region had to focus on NBA Basketball, Dylan’s songs and drinking. Now that iron mining is making a comeback so are breweries. It’s a tough place to live and Lake Superior is trying to ease the pain. The “gateway” to this region is Duluth and the home of a humble brewery. Mesabi Red is a nice ale. Red in color with a slight one finger head and the brew comes at you with hints of orange, strawberries and hops. The flavor is the same although it has a backbone of malt for balance and caramel does come through. This is a surprisingly refreshing beer. The mouth feel is soft and creamy and an exit that is not memorable. I wouldn’t drive to Duluth to pick up a bottle but I wouldn’t turn it down on a hot day of drinking with Kevin or Bob.