From the brewers of Guinness … Having gone from drinking the lightest, most watery and drinkable beers to now enjoying much more flavorful, complex, and bigger beers, a part of me still finds room in my beer appetite for the former. While many of my friends still happily reach for Miller Lite and mass consumption, I have found a fondness for Harp Lager. Essentially it really is just another light, crisp, drinkable beer, but yet it offers me just enough of what I sometimes enjoy about a beer. I reach for it often, on tap and in the bottle. Its generally the beer I’ll bring to gatherings outside of my home, when I’ve forsaken the kegs full of homebrew and the myriad of more interesting, craft choices that dwell in my fridge. Snobby, yeah, I know. But not everyone responds well to plain brown bottles of homebrew while watching a hockey game or enjoying a BBQ. I like to reserve those treats for the comfort of my home, or in a group that I know will appreciate them and show interest.

Harp pours pale yellow with a fairly fluffy head that has dissipated during the writing of that first paragraph. Bubbles rise consistently from the bottom of the glass- showing me its going to be healthily carbonated. The aroma is that of typical light beer which instinctively reminds me of occasions when I have consumed too many, but Harp has a bready and almost yeasty note in the aroma that makes it stand out. There is also a floral note from the proper amount of hops used to balance this beer. Far from hoppy, so don’t be misled.

Now I’m ready to take a sip. Ah, refreshing. The taste has a few things going on. One is sweetness. Not syrupy sweetness, but just a small amount of malt sweetness that is coupled with the next thing I notice, a creaminess. I should note that this beer is not currently as cold as it should be, but the slightly warmer temp actually improves this beer, but that is a fine line to walk. There is a small amount of hop bitterness that really just makes for a nice, crisp package. It has a nice finish, and an overall nice light beer flavor. There is nothing off about this beer, and its always consistent. Easily a beer I could drink plenty of, but I find its actually a good go between if it happens to be a day when I’m consuming a variety of beers of different styles. Dare I say a palate cleanser? That may be insulting, but I drink a lot of flavorful, hoppy, spicy, and also malty beers. A beer like this is a welcome treat on the right day, at the right time. I’d be curious to know what other beer lovers honestly think about Harp.

ABV: 5.0%

Grade: B