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  • Brewery: Grand Teton Brewing Company
  • Website:
  • Country: United States
  • State: Idaho
  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Malts:
  • Hops:
  • ABV:
  • IBUs:
  • Tasting Notes:
  • Preferred Glass:
  • Food Pairing:
  • PHM Grade: A

Grand Teton Black Cauldron Imperial Stout

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Black Cauldron is a seasonal Imperial Stout brewed and bottled by Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor, Idaho, with an ABV of 8.0%. The following is our team review:

Michael: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” Shakespeare’s images of three witches eerily chanting around a dark, heavy pot of boiling brew, makes me think Grand Teton didn’t unintentionally come up with the name for their Imperial Stout. While the brewers may not be throwing in ‘poison’d entrails,’ ‘tongue of dog,’ or ‘liver of blaspheming Jew’ in their brew (hopefully), they sure worked hard to create this evil mix of goodness.

As dark as the bubbling cauldron, the brew poured thick into my glass, smothered with a rich, dark brown head. The nose was complex, making me think that replacing the witches with brewers and the ‘gall of goat’ with malts and hops would give one a pretty good picture of the making of this beer. The toasted malts were prominent, but laced with chocolate and hints of sweet vanilla and red wine and toffee. It was balanced and very smooth, until the burnt, almost sour, finish. The finish, too, was complex with a pleasing blend of dark roast coffee beans and floral hops. After just a few minutes to breathe, it seemed the stout mellowed a bit and was smoother than the initial swig. While the alcohol had odd, intermittent surges of strength, in general it was hidden well and enjoyably warming. As the liquid swirled around in my glass, it coated like a Cabernet, forcing me to slow down and sip.

A magical creation from Grand Teton. Grade: A

John: Most of the imagery we associate with witchcraft today originated with the brewster. The large black cauldron bubbling over with foam? A brew kettle, of course. The black cat? Necessary to keep rats out of the grain store. The tall pointed hat? It allowed the brewster to be seen over the heads of taller men in the marketplace. A broom? The symbol of household domesticity, it is still associated with brewing all over the world” (from Grand Teton’s website).

Grand Teton brewed Black Cauldron to honor the female brewers of history. And she is greatly honored by this brave, proud and strong imperial stout. Black as night with a dark beige head and a bit of effervescence she is impressive from the get go. The aroma doesn’t stand out but the flavor does. Chewy and smooth is what hit me first. Then a brew that is very flavorful with a richest of caramel, chocolate, roasted malts and, if you are patient enough, a little smokiness. The mouthfeel is like a light coating of lip balm. It sticks with you for awhile. Very pleasant. It finished with a slight “sting” of alcohol. Nice. I enjoyed mine at room temperature while sipping (be careful here it’s a big 8%) it with some chocolate. I hear it will go great with something charred on the grill. I’ve got some smoked pork waiting in the freezer for this baby. If you like imperial stout like I to put this on your short list. Grade: A

ABV: 8.0%

Final Grade: A

Grand Teton Black Cauldron Imperial Stout, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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