On 5/15/11 I read the date on the bottle “02/19//10”. Over one year this wonderful stout sat in the darkness of the cellar and grew–matured. My first impression–heavy mellow. Everything is heavy and mellow after 15 months. This is another example of great brewing by GI. It pours black, very black with just a hint of brown. The head holds momentarily and then leaves with lacing. It smells—hops, smoky, coffee, chocolate, hops, smoky, coffee, chocolate, etc. Add a bit of campfire and roasted malts and you’ve captured the aroma. The taste is as intense as the smell. And the taste is the same as the smell. I like that. No trickery. This is not a stout for the weak hearted. This is a stout for the stout of heart. Imagine a grill full of smoked meat and the perfect beer to go along with it. This is the beer. You’ll find raisins, figs and burnt malts here. What’s wild is the hops/coffee blend. Unusual and outstanding. This is a thick, smooth, silky and rich beer. Low carbonation and a slight burn from the alcohol. Perfect for a slow, lazy day in your favorite chair. What strikes me most after waiting for 15 months is how mellow and mature this beer has become. I remember the over powering strength when I tried it a year ago. That strength has been replaced by depth. What a stout. I’m not sure why I not giving it an A+.