Nate: This is a lovely rendition of an IPA containing hops from the northwestern US. Hops are continually added, over 60 additions for 60 minutes.

It’s a fresh tasting beer with lots of citrusy, grassy aromatics and a pleasant, not overpowering bitterness. There is significant complexity in the hop profile, which surely can be attributed to the style in which they are added. The finish is dry and the body has a reasonable amount of girth to it. I poured this beer and marveled at the lasting head and thousands of tiny bubbles rising to the surface. It truly was a beautiful sight.

You know when it is your day off but you’ve been busy running around town getting things done and then coming back home to a list of tasks you’ve got to complete because you won’t have another opportunity to do so until your next day off later in the week? That’s how it was for me today. Fortunately one of the tasks on the end of my list was to make dinner and savor an exquisite beer while doing so. It’s truly one of my favorite pastimes: cracking open a fortifying beer, turning up the tunes, and going to town in the kitchen. If you also enjoy this past time, I’d recommend 60 minute IPA for the job. Grade: A

Noel: Although consistently trying and reviewing new beer is an exhilarating and (mostly) enlightening pastime, sometimes it gets old. And it’s at those specific moments that you reach for your go-tos. Those brews that are so consistently good, you can just stop thinking for a minute, relax, and really savor something extraordinary. Yes, I’m getting to the point.

Never was there a truer go-to IPA than Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute. Yesterday I ate lunch outside in the semi-sweltering noonday sun. Grilled cheese was on the menu. And as I contemplated the beverage selection in the fridge, there was the bottle. No-brainer. Done and done. It poured it’s usual honey-gold color, it smelled it’s usual complex but not overpoweringly hoppy smell, and it tasted it’s usual out-of-this-world taste. To tell the truth, now that I’m a day removed…I don’t really remember much about the experience, other than not having a care in the world for about 30 minutes. Yes, this is an absolutely fantastic beer. Floral, citrusy, earthy bitterness. Crisp and dry but still sweet and malty at times. Happily carbonated and refreshing. And perfect with grilled cheese sandwiches. There’s not much more to say, really. I’m just wondering why I didn’t buy a sixer.  Grade: A

Tom:  A staple for DFH, this beer is their flagship.  This aggressively hopped beer is a great entry point into the world of IPAs.  It carries a mild mixture of both West and East Coast hopping profiles.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it is pungent, piney, citrus and resinous (West) while at the same time being herbal, grassy, dank, and allows the malts to shine through (East).  The malts have a biscuit-like aroma while is evident in the taste.  Additionally, the finish consists of a that dry malt and grassy Kolsch-like hop profile that leave you wanting more.  Well balanced and toasty this beer should not completely overwhelm a newbie to the IPA style, but hoppy enough to satisfy the lifelong hophead.  I must try in my book.  I agree with Noel and Nate.  Grade: A