Thanks for visiting our "Craft Beer in America" page. Here you can browse through all of the American craft beers listed on this site, categorized by which state they come from. If you're a native of a one of these great states, welcome home! If you don't see any beers from your state here on this list, leave us a message or comment and recommend your favorites!

A list of craft beers from the great northwestern giant.
The birthplace of craft brewing and people who love hoppy beer.
This rocky state has more than mountains: it's got tons of great craft brews.
Home to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and some other ones, too.
Sunny and warm, with a 100% chance of craft brewing.
Famous for peaches, but they also brew craft beer.
Pacific, volcanic, and friendly to craft beer.
In Idaho, the craft beer per capita is quite high.
Beer is booming in the state that so famously defied Prohibition.
Three Floyds Brewing Company dominates the Hoosier state, but there are others, too.
Nothing better than a little beer on the bayou.
Home to Stephen King, and lots of great craft beer.
Eat, drink beer, and be
There never, ever would have been a Boston Beer Party.
Lots of top-notch craft beer is brewed in the mitten state.
Now if only those 10,000 lakes were filled with beer...
Nothing complements fried catfish like craft beer.
It's true: there's more to this state than Anheuser-Busch.
Home to big skies and big craft brews.
More than corn is made in Nebraska ... it's true. They also make craft beer.
If the Dutch had stuck around, Heineken might have been an American brew.
You can't mess with Ohio's Great Lakes Brewing Company et al.
This northwest state is a bona fide mecca for American craft beer.
Joe Biden's favorite place to throw back craft beer. Seriously.
We'd all be a little lonelier without craft beer from Texas.
Where rock climbers and Mormons all say "Cheers".
What gets brewed in Vermont, stays in ... America.
A beautiful place where the beer flows like ... beer.
Where there's never a lack of beer or cheese.