About Us

The Perfectly Happy Man was born in December 2009, after a conversation between two friends turned practical. We realized that we enjoyed beer, people, and communication, and wanted to find a way to make all those things happen at the same time. We threw together a basic WordPress website and wrote our first review shortly thereafter. In the first year of “business”, The Perfectly Happy Man reviewed nearly 500 different beers from all over the world. We started as a motley, rag-tag bunch of beer fans and have matured into jolly, approachable enthusiasts in our own right. We happily entered a subculture full of innovation and charm and have never looked back. Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you’ll come back soon!

About our name

The Perfectly Happy Man comes from what the Internets say is an ancient Egyptian proverb, which reads: “The mouth of the perfectly happy man is filled with beer.” Under this mantra we were named. Let’s clarify further: we consider the “man” part of our name to mean “all mankind”. Ladies … we know you love beer, too. And we’ve got nothing but love for you. We hope you enjoy our facts and opinions as much as everyone else does. And we’re considering you when we talk about our audience, because we know you’re there and we know you care.

The fellas

The Perfectly Happy Man was started by Michael and Taylor, and over time has come to rely heavily on the talented work of Tom, Noel, John, and Matt. Most of us are home-grown Chicago boys, and a couple of us are Minnesotans. We work hard for our living. We are family men, musicians, athletes … pastors even. And whether you’re a simple fan, blogger, vlogger, tweeter, homebrewer, brewmaster, or Conan O’Brien himself, we care about you and the beer you’re interested in.