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Beer Profile

  • Brewery: Two Brothers Brewing Company
  • Website:
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Malts:
  • Hops:
  • ABV: 9.1%
  • IBUs: 45
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, coffee, nutty, licorice
  • Preferred Glass: Snifter
  • Food Pairing: Chocolate, chili, stew
  • PHM Grade: B+

Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout

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Two Brothers Brewing Company. A local gem here in Chicago’s west suburbs bringing us favorites like Domain DuPage, Resistance IPA, Bitter End Pale Ale, and a host of others. I enjoyed their Red Eye Coffee Porter, and was excited to drink their North Wind Imperial Stout, which is their winter seasonal. Mine poured a nice thick black into the pint glass (normally I would be using a tulip or snifter but I wanted to show off our PHM glass), and developed a nice tan head. The head dissipated almost 100% after a few minutes, but laced with style all the way down the glass as I drank the beer.

North Wind smelled like dark roasted malts. I did not pick up much dark fruit or licorice … just roasty, nutty coffee and chocolate. It seemed on the more bitter side of aromas, but not overwhelmingly so. With that initial impression I tipped back the glass and enjoyed my first sip. It was pretty smooth and silky, “mediumly” carbonated. You can definitely sense the high ABV … so this beer is a chocolatey sipper of a stout, and you would do well to let it come up in temperature as you enjoy it. As with most stouts, I enjoyed it more and more as it warmed. It gets even smoother when you do this, and you can get a better sense for the flavoring. Towards the end I was able to pick up on licorice notes … notes I didn’t really sense at the beginning when it was cold and bubbly.

Overall this is a well-made stout, brewed by people who know what they are doing and who understand how much we need beers like this during the cold Midwest winter months.

Two Brothers Northwind Imperial Stout, 4.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
  1. I love me some North Wind.

    Noel — February 1st, 2011, 12:16 PM
  2. That looks amazing. Good thing I have one in the fridge…and such a fitting drink for tonight, because the North Wind is surely blowing!

    Michael — February 1st, 2011, 5:42 PM
  3. I work downtown Chicago. Left the office at 2pm and got home at 5pm. The train stations were ridiculous! I had Northwind on the brain the whole time. Enjoying one as I type this … and as snow blows sideways past my window.

    Taylor — February 1st, 2011, 6:40 PM
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