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Beer Profile

  • Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company
  • Website:
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • Style: American Brown Ale
  • Malts:
  • Hops:
  • ABV:
  • IBUs:
  • Tasting Notes:
  • Preferred Glass:
  • Food Pairing:
  • PHM Grade: B-

He’Brew Messiah Bold

Written by

Ironically enough, this beer was introduced to me by my Protestant, Pastor dad. I guess he knew I’d appreciate the integration of faith and beer. Anyway, perhaps the most impressive part about this brew was not its storied past, but the way it poured. It was a beautifully rich dark brown, turning golden around the edges, with a one finger cream head. It smelled both a little sour and earthy, perhaps a slight vapor of smoke. The taste itself was even keel, nothing incredible happening, but a soothing, refreshing brown ale. The mouthfeel, again, was neither overwhelming or watery. Slightly lighter for a brown ale, it was easy enough to drink to get this Bar Mitvah started.

ABV: 5.6%

Grade: B-

He'Brew Messiah Bold, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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