Rock Art Brewery

Rock Art Vermonster Barley Wine

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This is the beer that introduced me to Rock Art Brewery and in many ways put the small Vermont operation on the larger craft beer map. You see, Rock Art received a cease and desist letter from the legal cronies of Monster Energy Drink, who were at the time planning a charge into the alcoholic […] ... [Read more]

Rock Art Whitetail Golden Ale

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Only the second beer from Rock Art Brewery that I have tried, Whitetail is a nice crisp ale that has great balance. After enjoying the Ridge Runner Barley Wine I was looking forward to something a little different from Rock Art and Whitetail fit the bill (it was also the only other one I had). […] ... [Read more]

Rock Art Ridge Runner Barley Wine

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Rock Art Brewery in Morrisville, Vermont is one of the classic American craft breweries that you don’t hear too much about. Founder and Brewmaster Matt Nadeau looks and sounds like just the kind of guy you want behind your beer: humble and down to earth with a heavy Nor’eastern accent and a flock of creative […] ... [Read more]