O’so Brewing Company

O'so Lupulin Maxiumus IPA

O’so Lupulin Maximus IPA

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Imperial beers are as much about creativity as they are extremity. So maybe I shouldn’t have been quite as surprised as I was to spy O’so’s Lupulin Maximus on a shelf in a Milwaukee liquor store and think, “Does that label really say what I think it says?” Upon closer inspection, yes, it really did: […] ... [Read more]

O'so Rusty Red

O’so Rusty Red

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In this neck of the woods, O’so Brewing Company is, well, oh-so-famous. I first stumbled into this Plover, Wisconsin brewery in Hudson, Wisconsin, a one-off bottle in a mixed up sixer. It was their porter, it was good and I was impressed. However, the lack of Chicagoland distribution left me wanting more ever since. Today’s […] ... [Read more]

O’so Night Train Oatmeal Porter

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I spent ten hours of my Saturday pursuing the darkest of beers. Dark Lord Day 2010 proved to be an adventurous, exciting, crowded, collaborative, craft beer-filled day. Coming down from the high of scoring four of my very own Dark Lord bombers, my sleepy Sunday afternoon needed a dark brew accompaniment. I had purchased this […] ... [Read more]