Magic Hat Brewing Company

Magic Hat #9

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More like Love Potion #9. Magic Hat, you stole my heart with this beer. I just wanted to say that up front. I first had this beer this past year. I had no idea what it was. They just poured it and brought it to me. It was a pivotal moment in my personal beer […] ... [Read more]

Magic Hat Lucky Kat

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The best gifts you can give are those that are free. Unless it’s beer, then the best gifts cost you something, roughly the price of the beer. A friend and fellow Perfectly Happy Man gifted me with several brews this holiday season, by leaving a mishmash of brightly colored, interestingly logoed and creatively named beers […] ... [Read more]

Magic Hat Odd Notion Winter 2009

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I’m all for being different but if you aren’t careful, you cross into just being weird. That is what happened with this 2009 winter seasonal from Magic Hat in their “Odd Notion” series. Magic Hat says, “Odd Notions give our brewers regular opportunities to set their creative impulses free, and create deliciously different beer drinking […] ... [Read more]