Chimay (Trappist)

Chimay Tripel (White)

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Michael: To complete the Chimay trifecta, only the Tripel (or Chimay White) remained. It had its work cut out for it, as my sampling came immediately after its redder brother, Chimay Premiere, the only A+ beer I’ve reviewed to date. While the White is a tripel by style, it was atypical of many of that […] ... [Read more]

Chimay Premiere (Red)

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Michael: Sometimes these reviews keep you guessing. You’re not sure what its going to be, an ultra complex A, or perhaps a middle-of-the-road B. Maybe the beer took a turn for the worst, with the funkiest finish of all time and it plunged to a D. With this review, I’ll end your suspense. A+. That’s […] ... [Read more]

Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue)

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Michael: Late this evening, I padded down to the fridge and prepared to sip the much-anticipated Chimay “Blue.” Accompanying the sampler pack I had recently purchased was a brief, but informative and meaningful booklet, describing the true beauty behind the beer. As Tom so capably informed earlier, Trappist ales are unique, only six of these […] ... [Read more]