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Bells Batch 10,000

Bell’s Batch 10,000

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If I was to name this beer I’d call it “Deceptive”. I was surprised by this beer. Tricked! Deceived! I’ve never had a “hoppy porter” or a porterish IPA. I picked up two bottles of Batch 10,000 thinking one for “now” and one for later. This is the “now” one. Batch 10,000 poured the color […] ... [Read more]

Bells Expedition Stout

Bell’s Expedition Stout

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I was driving through St. Paul yesterday and found myself following a Bell’s delivery truck. For the first time in my life I wanted to hijack a truck! Rather than risk incarceration I went home and broke out a bottle of Bell’s Expedition Stout that I had put down a year ago. It’s been hard […] ... [Read more]

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout

Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

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I suppose I’ve always been fascinated by stouts. I even remember as a kid, long before I was even interested in trying beer, being mesmerized by those Guinness commercials: jet black beer, with rich mahogany cascading head. It looked like motor oil and one would have to assume it tasted like charcoal. I remember years […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Hopslam Ale

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Taylor: Hard to believe it’s been over a year and we still haven’t reviewed this beer. It’s Bell’s Hopslam Ale … one of the Midwest’s über-hopped brews, “a biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale.” Granted, this is a winter seasonal and sells fast … so it isn’t the easiest to lay hands on, even […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Hell Hath No Fury

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With the claims of a Belgian dubbel plastered about, the incredible, deep, dark brown was a bit shocking. There was a caramely tan head that drifted to the top and rested comfortably in a thin film. The scent was more convincing than the look, that indeed this brew was Belgian. Rich caramely, sweet malts were […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Amber Ale

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At first, I didn’t think much of this beer. Simple bottle design notwithstanding, it just didn’t blow me away when I popped the cap and poured it out. A nice amber color (go figure) and decent head. Hints of bread and caramel wafting in your nose…almost akin to a bock. Low carbonation. But nothing really […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Oberon Ale

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Oberon Ale is a summer seasonal American Wheat Ale brewed by Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. ABV is 5.8%. Sold in bottles, kegs, and mini-kegs. The following are our thoughts on this popular summer brew: Britton: Cubs opening day, hitting a bucket of golf balls at the range, and my first Oberon of the year […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

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Bell’s Two Hearted Ale was my first introduction to IPAs, years ago. At the time I was drinking primarily cheap domestics and an occasional wheat beer. I had been impressed at the time with my first introduction to Bell’s Brewery with the Oberon summer wheat ale. I was at a bar and they no longer […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Batch 9000

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As I’ve noted before, the world of beer intrigues me. Not just the breweries, the beers, the styles and the brew pubs, but the people, the beer-friends that you make on your journey through brewdom. Well, yet again, I was pleasantly surprised. My beer store of choice is Binny’s, a large, but Chicago-only, chain of […] ... [Read more]

Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale

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I recently got a new snifter so of course I needed a good beer to try it out. I’d heard good things about Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale so I decided to give it a try. I’m not always a huge fan of Barley Wine but finally having a snifter to pour it in made […] ... [Read more]