Bear Republic Brewing Company

Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale

User Rating:

Appearance – dark, reddish brown, ruby. Unfiltered and cloudy, small head, no sediment/yeast in the bottle. Aroma – Hops, IPA-esque, but slightly muted, not as pronounced as an IPA. Hints of caramel as it warms. Taste – Bitter, a tad bit alcoholic, malty, spicy and resin-y with a solid hop presence. Fairly complex maltiness but […] ... [Read more]

Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA

User Rating:

Strong, citrus aroma, very hoppy, fruity, sharp, piney. Beautiful golden orange hazy look with 2+ finger head with a normal pour. Fluffy head, tons of intricate lacing down the glass as I drink. Bitter hops hit you in the first sip and the lack of large amounts of malt presence really allow the hops to […] ... [Read more]