Allagash Odyssey

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I’ve saved this treat for just such a special occasion. The last evening of a great weekend ‘up north,’ I was happy to share with family. It poured into a tulip glass wonderfully, a solid beige head formed at about an inch, looking like a liquid bed of styrofoam. The body was dark, a mahogany, […] ... [Read more]

Shipyard Barley Wine Style Ale Pugsleys Signature Series

Shipyard Barley Wine Style Ale (Pugsley’s Signature Series)

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Michael: Pulgsley has been pretty good to me. Between his more than decent porter and a delightful pumpkin ale, Shipyard’s brewmaster has gained a pretty solid reputation in my book. So when I happened upon this bottle in the quaint town of Galena, Illinois, I didn’t hesitate. Although it may be the dwindling light in the […] ... [Read more]

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin (Pugsley’s Signature Series)

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The leaves are starting to turn color ever-so-slightly and I received a pumpkin beer in a trade with Lee Williams from Hoptopia last week. Before I started reviewing for PHM, pumpkin beers continually received the worst possible grades in my personal notes. Often times too metallic, too much pumpkin, or just not a well crafted […] ... [Read more]

Allagash Tripel Ale

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I’m on a journey. One to find the world’s best Tripels and while I thought this was a legitimate stop along the way, it turns out I actually grabbed the wrong one. Oops, guess I’ll just have to drink it anyway. I anticipate this type of beer eagerly. While I’m most definitely not always craving […] ... [Read more]

Sea Dog Blue Paw Wheat Ale

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Honestly, go snack on some of mama’s homemade blueberry muffins and you will get a feel for this brew.  For the short time I was surrounded by this beer I felt as if there was fresh blueberries in my presence the entire time.  Found this unique beer in the back of a wine fridge while vacationing […] ... [Read more]