Amstel Light

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Actually, Amstel Light was founded in Amsterdam in the 1870’s and later bought out by Heineken International in the late 1960’s. Amstel beer varieties are commonly brewed in the western Netherlands at one of the several Heineken Breweries. Also, both Amstel and Amstel Light are known to have the same ingredients, calories etc. Of course, […] ... [Read more]

Peter’s Brand Pilsner

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Cracked this import while watching some great playoff football. Not a lot of history on this brew nor its brewery. So if any of you beer connoisseurs have a little insight on Peters brand, feel free to share it with us! With that, I will dive right in… At first pour, this true pilsner was […] ... [Read more]


Bavaria Klassiek Lager

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This beer pours a golden, straw yellow like any Euro lager. As soon as you pop the cap you can smell the skunkyness. A few of the thoughts running through my head after the first couple sips: good flavor to the yeast, dry finish, fizzy, crisp, refreshing, memories of European bars. I’ve been picking up […] ... [Read more]

Grolsch Premium Lager

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I love Dutch lagers. If after work I get to come home and crack one open that is a good end to the day. Such is the case tonight and I’m already nearly finished with my choice for tonight: Grolsch Lager. This lager is crisp and refreshing with almost a bit of tartness to it. […] ... [Read more]