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Beer: What to Drink Next: Featuring the Beer Select-O-Pedia

Beer: What to Drink Next: Featuring the Beer Select-O-Pedia

A Beer Lover’s Guide to More than 250 Craft Beers, Ales, and Lagers

Find new brews to enjoy with the easy-to-use Beer: What to Drink Next. Simply look up whatever you like drinking on the Beer Select-O-Pedia—a periodic table of beer styles. 90 different kinds of beer are organized by country of origin, leading you to a color coded chapter full of suggestions of what to drink next—Belgian Trappist beer, German lagers, British and Irish ales, all manner of American beers, plus some unique category-busting hybrid creations. Each style includes a brief history, a description, three beers to try, and suggested food pairings; there’s even a color diagram defining the beer’s “atomic structure”—with tasting notes, fun facts, and recommended breweries.

Michael Larson is a beer reviewer and cofounder of the website The Perfectly Happy Man ( Since the website was founded in December 2009, his team has sampled and discussed the merits of more than 500 different craft beers. Michael lives in Chicago, IL.

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